• Currently I am in my 4th (HONS) year at Heriot Watt studying computer science. The majority of my time is going to be dedicated to my dissertation.

  • Vice president of Heriot Watts game development society, helping manage the club and teach Unity3D to younger students. HW students feel free to drop in any time, even if you’re a little curious we’ll be happy to show you around.

  • Building a studio with Jonathan Newton offering web development solutions. We are taking clients for now, contact us to book a consultation session.

  • Regular at my local gym, getting healthy as time goes on !

  • The rest of my free time is dedicated in pursuit of mastering my programming abilities.

My inbox is always open so feel free to drop me a message. Usually I’m open for new opportunities but these are my main focuses for this academic year, ill update this if anything major changes (Last update 27/08/18).